What is a hyperlink?

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What is a hyperlink? Hyperlink is the interconnection or linking of another document or page with another document or page to create a hyperlink. What does Hyperlink mean? In simple terms, Hyperlink is a link between your website or someone else's website.

In more detail with an example, I understand that the relationship between your website and your website is called a hyperlink. So in a word: A web page with another one or more web pages or web site connection (Link) is established is called a hyperlink.

What is a hyperlink?

Hyperlink is the system of creating a hyperlink with any document or web page within the HTML document of the website. HTML tags are used to create hyperlinks. For example, (<a>... link ...</a>)

What are the types of hyperlinks?

Among the documents that are on the web page through HTML documents, there are basically two types namely:

External hyperlink

External hyperlinks are used to connect one website to another website or to an external resource.

Internal hyperlink

Internal hyperlinks are used to connect a web page of a website to another web page recharge.

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Anchor tags are used to create hyperlinks from one web page to another within a web page. As a result, links to other pages are placed on the homepage of the website.

Working of Hyperlink

Hyperlink Hyperlink is the system of establishing virtual connection between different types of information to create hyperlink of two or more pages. By clicking on the links of these HTML pages, different document pages are available in different pages or from one document to another location or from a different location to a different document page.

Hyperlinks can be text or images specified as links. Usually when the mouse points on the link, it changes shape to a hand icon. So the text creating the link is underlined and turns blue. Hyperlinks are an important component of all hypertech systems including the World Wide Web today.

Benefits of Hyperlink

Hyperlinking provides various benefits, such as document or file is used to create a hyperlink to a web page with another web address or resource. Hyperlink Key - By clicking on a link, different pages of the same document or pages of a different document at the same location or at a different location from the same document are available.

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Last word: How to made hyperlinks

A hyperlink on a page is a link where you link an image or tax to a specific document through HTML coding. In computing, a hyperlink is a reference or hint to data that the reader can follow directly by clicking or ho

A hyperlink points to a completely different or specific element. Hypertext is a hyperlink with text. This textbar works by creating a video page of your web page when you create a link on yourself. Today you can learn how to create a link to create a link. What is a hyperlink? Rules for creating links. Thanks everyone for reading the article.

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